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Create token sale contract (BEP-20)

This is an old version. We recommend using the updated version.

This is a simple token sale contract with fixed parameters. Contract will send tokens in exchange of BNB.
Buyers can purchase tokens by sending BNB to contract address or using user interface (you will be able to download a simple draft UI with main functions and QR code after creating a token sale contract).
Contract correctly processes changes and decimals and automatically stops selling tokens once required quantity has been sold out.
You can use it with any (BEP-20) token.

Once you have created token sale contract don't forget to Approve it for selling tokens from your wallet (you will be able to do it in the contract's admin panel).
Do not send tokens to the contract, make sure you have enough balance of the tokens in your wallet (contract is selling tokens from your wallet by allowance way)!

(Mainnet and Testnet available)

Token address:
Contract address of the token that you want to sell

[show my tokens]

Tokens quantity:

Maximum quantity of tokens for sale. After selling this quantity contract will stop selling.
Remember to approve sale contract for this quantity after it's creation.

Price per token:
Selling price for 1 token (how much 1 token will cost - please make sure you input the right price).
(Check rate: 1 BNB = ? tokens)

Contract creation cost:  

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