Build a Polygon (MATIC) DApp / token

Please make sure you are connected to Polygon MATIC network (Mainnet or Testnet), we recommend to use Metamask

If you have not yet added the network to your wallet, you can do it now:


All smart contracts are whitelabel with 100% your ownership

ERC-20 token (fixed supply)

Mintable/burnable ERC-20 token

Capped, mintable & burnable ERC-20 token

Deflationary ERC-20 token

Auto burn with each transaction, fixed burn rate

Deflationary ERC-20 token with taxes

Up to 2 taxes, automatic burning (fixed parameters)

ERC-20 token sale

Simple token sale contract + basic UI

ERC-20 token sale with referral program

Simple token sale contract with referral program + basic UI

Administrable BEP-20 token sale with time, referral and tokens lock/claim

Token sale contract with time, referral program, tokens lock with flexible admin functions + basic UI.

Token locker (token vesting) contract

Lock ERC-20 tokens in locking contract for required time. Useful for team tokens vesting.



popular cointoss, heads or tails game - coming soon...

Lottery 1 of N

coming soon...