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Create token with reward and auto buyback (BEP-20)

Hyper Deflationary Token with holders reward and automatic buyback (similar to RISE token).


1) Improved fees (taxes) settings: now fees have step 0.1 so you can set them as 1.5/1.6/etc. (in the original contract step is 1 so you can set only whole percents like 1/2/3/etc.);

2) Improved buyback limit settings: it can be precisely set with decimals like 0.1, 0.01 etc. (in the original contract only 1/2/3/etc. BNB);

3) More logical buyback fee setting instead of total liquidity setting.

All the functions of the contract remain the same! Only admin settings are improved!

After the contract deployment you can change any settings (fees, limits, addresses) via our auto-generated admin panel or directly on bscscan.
The tokens are minted to your wallet; ownership is set to your wallet. We do not have any access to your contract.

For more details on how the token works please refer to EverRise (RISE) token and FAQ section below.

Please do not ask us questions on how to use 3rd-party services like Pancakeswap etc. - refer to their tutorials!

Verification: send your contract address to our email (only email applications!) to get verified (mainnet only).

(Mainnet and Testnet available)

Create token


Full token name, like "My Token"


Like "TKN"


Number of digits after decimal point, e.g. 0.12 = 2 decimals, 0.12345 = 5 decimals. Min. 0, max. 18.
We recommend to have decimals because it will let you have even small transfers taxable.
Original RISE token has 9 decimals.

Total supply:

Total quantity of tokens to be created.
Original RISE has 1000000000000000.

Holders reward fee:
This tax is used to reward token holders for HODLing - it is redistributed to holders.
Original RISE token has 2%.

Buyback fee:
This tax is used for automatic buyback of the tokens.
Original RISE token has 6%.

Marketing fee:
This tax is coming to your marketing wallet (minus our 0.5% fee it will be 2.5%).
Original RISE token has 3%.

Total taxes:

Marketing wallet:

Wallet for marketing fee.

Token creation cost: FREE
Our interest: 0.5% fee is taken from marketing fees when they occur. We do not take any tokens, all the tokens are yours.

My tokens

Click on token to open admin panel

You can also access your token that is not listed here, or you can use bscscan directly.
Your token address can be found in the transaction that created the token.

Input your token address:


PancakeSwap supports only MainNet. Is there any way to test it on Testnet?

Yes, you can test it on PancakeSwap simulation on BSC Testnet

Why I can't see buyback and burn?

Buyback and burn start when token contract's balance reaches 1BNB

How to verify my token contract?

Send us your token contract address (mainnet only).