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Create Ethereum token sale contract (ERC-20) with timeframe and referral program

This is a simple token sale contract with fixed parameters, start/end time and referral program. Contract will send tokens in exchange of ETH.
Buyers can purchase tokens by sending ETH to contract address or using user interface (you will be able to download a simple draft UI with main functions, QR code after creating a token sale contract).
Contract correctly processes changes and decimals and automatically stops selling tokens once required quantity has been sold out, or if token sale has not started or has finished.
You can use it with any (ERC-20) token.

Users can get referral link and share it to earn referral commission. Commission is paid immediately to referrer's wallet once a buyer has purchased tokens using referral link.

Once you have created token sale contract don't forget to Approve it for selling tokens from your wallet (you will be able to do it in the contract's admin panel).
Do not send tokens to the contract!

(Mainnet and Testnet available)

Token address:

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Tokens quantity:

Maximum quantity of tokens for sale. After selling this quantity contract will stop selling.
Remember to approve sale contract for this quantity after it's creation.

Price per token:
Selling price for 1 token.
= tokens per 1 ETH

Start (local time):

Set the date and time when your token sale begins. Before this time contract will not sell tokens.

End (local time):

Set the date and time when your token sale ends. After this time contract will not sell tokens.

Referral commission:
Commission to be paid from each referred token purchase. Paid instantly to referrer's wallet.

Contract creation cost:  

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