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Ethereum (ETH) token sale contract (ERC-20)
with referral program, start & end time settings, instant tokens distribution (approval model)

This is a customizable token sale contract with adjustable parameters. As many parameters can be changed it can be used for selling your token several times (e.g. several stages of token sale).

Contract is selling tokens in exchange of ETH, ETH is sent to your wallet (beneficiary wallet) instantly, tokens are sent to investor instantly.

Buyers can purchase tokens by sending ETH to contract address or using user interface (you will be able to download a simple draft UI with main functions and QR code after creating a token sale contract).

Contract correctly processes change and decimals and automatically stops selling tokens once hardcap is filled or token sale time expires.

Tokens are sent to buyer's wallet instantly. Contract is using approval model - tokens are sold from your wallet (there is no need to send tokens to contract).

You can change any settings in the admin panel: rate, hardcap, dates, referral percent, purchase limit, stop/resume sale, change owner and beneficiary, throw selected admin functions.

You can this contract with any (ERC-20) token.

Referral commission (if it is > 0) is sent to referrer's wallet instantly, if referrer is not a buyer.

Once you have created token sale contract you need to approve it for selling tokens from your wallet (you will be able to do it in the admin panel).

(Mainnet and Testnet available)

Create token sale contract

Token address

Contract address of the token that you want to sell

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1 ETH = tokens
How many tokens buyer gets for 1 ETH (you will be able to change it in the admin panel).

Hard cap

Amount (ETH) that you want to raise. After raising this amount contract will stop selling tokens.
Can be changed in admin panel.

Max. contribution

Maximum amount a user can invest. This is a purchase limit for each wallet address, a user (wallet address) can not contribute more than this limit totally during the token sale.
Can be changed in admin panel.

Start time

Your local time when your token sale will begin. Before this time contract will not sell tokens.
Can be changed in admin panel.

End time

Your local time when your token sale will end. After this time contract will not sell tokens.
Can be changed in admin panel.

Referral commission

Commission to be paid from each referred token purchase. Paid instantly to referrer's wallet.
Can be changed in admin panel. If set to 0 referral program is off.

Contract creation options:

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